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Home Decoration Ideas in Diwali 2020

Diwali, the festival of lights is around the corner and we cannot contain the excitement of this marvelous festival. 

Diwali is not just a festival but a series of emotions and sentiments for all of us. Especially with the pandemic around, all of us desire positivity, prosperity, and contentment on this auspicious festival of lights and for the coming time too.

The festival is well celebrated with family, relatives, and friends but with the corona pandemic around it might be difficult for some of you to meet your loved ones this Diwali. We can try to make this Diwali more positive and vibrant by decorating our homes in a much memorable way this year. 

Here are some easy home decoration ideas so you do not miss the feeling of this auspicious festival:

1.       Let the candles do the talking

The festival of Diwali has a deep meaning, it essentially means the start of a new beginning and the triumph of good over evil, and light over darkness. 

What could be better than light to conquer darkness?  This year let’s give a new face to your candles/lights.

Floating candles can be a great alternative for your boring candles as they increase the style quotient of your dinner table and these are very easy to make. Floating candles should be kept in a bowl having flowers to further make your dining table look gorgeous and a place to have the best meal of the year.

2.       Setting the festival mood with flowers

Flowers have always been in our decoration theme for years. 

It is not just because they look good, but due to the fact that they improve the mood and give a sense of relief. Flowers have a natural aura and attract everything, may it be your attention or a feeling of being religious.

Flowers can be used almost anywhere but the place where they are usually overlooked and even look pleasing is your curtains. Adding a flower garland with your curtains instantly catches attention and increases the overall look of the decoration instantly.

3.       Rangoli

Diwali is much talked about as the festival of lights but is much more than that, enticing colors, happiness, millions of emotions, and whatnot!

Colors are everywhere, may it be the lights or the rangoli. Rangoli plays a very important role in this festival as it is the first thing anyone notices before entering the house. 

Let’s welcome the Goddess Lakshmi in style this Diwali.

 4.       Paper Cup Garlands

Boost your lighting game with some pretty colorful, cheering, and tempting paper cup garland. These are not only easy to make but they look drop-dead gorgeous too. Combine these with your in house rice light strings and see the magic for yourself.

These paper cup garlands are all that you will need to light up your house and your inner soul.

5.       Toran  

One of the best things about torans is that they look effortlessly beautiful and they offer a great cultural significance. These are said to please the Goddess of wealth and torans with different colors attach a separate importance.   

The bright colors used across the Toran, make it ideal for brightening up entrances, rooms as well as window spaces.

Toran is available in different shapes and sizes based on your requirement and needs. Torans are easy to make and you just require some patience to prepare them.

6.       Cushions

Cushions are great for bringing warmth to a surface they are added to. This Diwali goes for gold and silver colored cushion covers as they increase the vibe of the festival and lit up the festival mood.

Pair up these colorful and eye-catching cushion covers with warm lighting, scented candles, and flowers to celebrate the occasion to its fullest.


Diwali comes once a year and all of us are always eager to celebrate this festival with great merriment. Pandemic is all around, why not make this Diwali more alive at our homes ensuring it to be safe and healthy for our nears and dears, and the world at large.